Best Tile Options to Imbibe Positive and Fresh Atmosphere at Homes!

Posted on October 19th, 2023 04:04 PM

Tiles play a crucial role-in every home, helping to establish the desired atmosphere and style. When selecting tiles, it is vital to consider both the overall ambiance of the space and the specific requirements of each area. For instance, kitchen and bathroom tiles should prioritize durability and easy maintenance, while those in living rooms and bedrooms can focus more on decorative aspects. 

Looking to create a positive and fresh atmosphere in your home? Consider using LAMAR Ceramics. These high-quality tiles come in various colors and styles, offering versatility for any space. With easy maintenance and cleaning, they are a practical choice for busy households.

Advantages of LAMAR Ceramics:

  • LAMAR tiles are much less porous than natural materials like granite, making them easy to clean and resistant to moisture and bacteria growth.

  • LAMAR tiles exhibit more consistent colors in comparison to granite, which often displays imperfections or irregularities within its pattern.

  • LAMAR tiles have more scratch resistance than traditional marble. Moreover, they do not fade when exposed to sunlight, making them a viable choice. Additionally, their maintenance is relatively easier.

  • Unlike quartz, LAMAR tiles are not affected by direct exposure to heat from hot pans or pots. These tiles are specially designed to be resistant to both UV rays and high temperatures. It makes them perfect for outdoor spaces as well.

Best LAMAR tile options for a positive and fresh atmosphere:

Statuario Venato: This timeless tile features gray and white patterns with flowing veins, perfect for countertops, islands, or wall décor.

Statuarietto: Elegant with a dense mesh of gray streaks over white, Statuarietto complements any room.

Sahara Noir: Its unique combination of black and light brown with amber-colored veins adds warmth and style to living spaces.

Pietra Grey: Modern and sleek, with thin, sparse white lines contouring the gray surface.

Marquina Venato: Timeless class for kitchens or bathrooms with stark black and white diagonal lines.

Calacatta Macchia Vecchia: Add an air of elegance with light brown strips over a bright beige surface.

Invisible White: Striking with ashen strips, perfect for walls or countertops.

Calacatta Oro: A conversation starter with flowing gray patterns over a bright background.

Calacatta Luxe: Decorative with sharp dark lines on a bright slab surface, reminiscent of Italian Renaissance art.

Bianco Lasso: Modernity and warmth with white streaks on an ashen surface.

Rome: Simple and classy, with clear gray streaks over white. It is ideal for any living space.

Calacatta Borghini: Subtle sophistication with faint but sharp streaks of brown on an alabaster background.

Calacatta: Inject a pop of color and energy with bold gray streaks over a clear white slab.

Armani Grey: A hint of modernity and warmth with white streaks over an ashen surface.

LAMAR Ceramics presents its exquisite tiles in two distinct sizes, each tailored to specific design preferences and spatial requirements. Familiarizing yourself with these sizes will assist in selecting the ideal tiles for your home. 

Collection 320x80 (Ideal for Smaller Spaces):

320x80 Tiles: These tiles are specifically designed for smaller spaces. With dimensions of 320x80 mm, they offer the ideal solution for areas requiring intricate tiling or where space is at a premium. 

Collection 320x160 (Ideal for Larger Spaces):

320x160 Tiles: If you have large rooms or expansive areas to cover, the 320x160 tiles are an excellent choice. The tiles measure 320x160 mm, creating ample space for your designs and making a bold statement in any room.

LAMAR Ceramics into your home offers not just an enriched aesthetic appeal, but also guarantees durability, hygiene, and effortless maintenance. With a diverse selection of designs and sizes available, you can effortlessly infuse a positive and refreshing ambiance into every nook of your living space. Bid farewell to monotony and embrace the transformative prowess of LAMAR tiles for an elevated experience of elegance and positivity in your living spaces!