Lamar Advantages

Lamar Advantages

LAMAR vs Granite

LAMAR has very less porosity, especially when compared to natural material like Granite. So it is a dream to clean and the resistance to moisture prevents growth of bacteria/fungi. LAMAR colors are also much more uniform as compared to granite, which often has defects or inconsistencies in the pattern.

LAMAR vs Marble

The high scratch resistance of LAMAR – and the fact that it doesn’t stain easily – is a plus over traditional marble which is not as hard. LAMAR doesn’t fade in sunlight and is easier to maintain

LAMAR vs Quartz

Both materials come in designs that are similar to natural stone. Unlike Quartz, LAMAR is not sensitive to direct heat exposure like hot pans or pots. As it is UV and heat resistant, LAMAR can also be used in outdoor spaces.